The title of GOD QUEEN is the birthright of all women, even those yet to claim it! A woman who aligns herself with others and adds her power to the collective drive is a God Queen. Our definition of ‘Royalty’ speaks of qualities like NOBILITY, INTEGRITY, LEADERSHIP, WISDOM, EMPATHY and a connection to the infinite, abundant source of truth and knowledge. Our philosophy is that royalty is displayed through BENEVOLENT ACTION. We champion a ‘Queen among Queens’ mentality; a ‘highness’ that does not require others to be seen as less or below another. It is in no way intended as a self aggrandising practice, instead it is the acknowledgement of the inherent greatness in womanhood, humanity and the world we share.

Together we are growing an inclusive tribe of highly aware, intelligent women who are on a purposeful path, enabling one another to fulfil those purposes by sharing skills, resources and knowledge to attain success together. We believe that true success should be a beneficial experience for all and so we strive to achieve the ultimate success for the world and its inhabitants while always remembering to celebrate an individual’s personal achievements. God Queen does not “employ” anyone, instead each person involved works WITH and not FOR another. Through this philosophy, we aim to inspire, enable and empower others to reach higher conditions of life. A primary goal is to grant ourselves and each other the freedom to become more of what we inherently are by stripping off the layers of societal conditioning, patriarchal oppression and suppression. We believe that all problems can be solved through good communication, in all its forms, and this is our contribution to the feminist cause. Through the movement that is God Queen, we invite all who resonate with this philosophy to join our tribe so that we may challenge, change and provide alternatives for the many broken systems that currently exist in the world. Let us remember that woman’s role on Earth is sacred and powerful. We are the nourishers of mankind. Our bodies are the portals through which our sons and daughters enter this world and we are their first introduction into this way of life. If we empower women, we also transform men. When women are once again raised to a place in society where all of their attributes and qualities are celebrated, rather than just their ability to nurture and arouse, (degraded even beyond that to the point where those two qualities equal only – cook a meal and provide sex), all of society will benefit. Women will come to truly embody all that their title encompasses and society will regain a powerful constituent member. One who nurtures, teaches, guides, empathises, leads, protects, nourishes, stimulates, celebrates, raises and adores men, children and all other women.

A God Queen is recognised in the way that she leads by example, conducts herself with nobility and commands attention through respecting herself and others.